Wood and Wine Succulents was founded in 2018 by nature lover, actress and eco-conscious consumer Laura Linda Bradley.

Sustainability has always been important to me, I have been a part of the Global Green USA family and an ambassador for the charity for the last eight years. You may be asking yourself how a platinum blonde in Southern, CA found herself running a sustainable farm; well I'm glad you asked! I like to think I was the "grandson my Grandpa always wanted". I grew up in Virginia working closely with my Grandfather learning the art of woodworking, sustainable farming and the importance of hard work. I bring my love of nature and creativity to each design; finding inspiration in nature and the small details crafting unique pieces for our customers to love for years to come!

When I started Wood and Wine, I had set goals and markers of success in mind. One was to share my love of succulents with customers, while growing a sustainable and eco-conscious company. That dream set in motion a story even Hollywood couldn't have scripted! The last two years I have poured my heart, time and creativity into this business and the response far exceeded my wildest dreams; it simply makes me want to work harder! As we've grown I strive with each new level of success and opportunity to be an example of how you can maintain sustainability regardless of size, it simply requires community! As a female owned business I am proud to partner with women who make room for others beside them, not behind!

All of our unique and statement centerpieces are handmade in Southern, CA. Using only up-cycled and reclaimed materials, organically grown succulents and eco-conscious packaging. We're extremely proud to be a certified green business! A portion of all sales goes to environmental & conservation charities.

Wood and Wine Succulents
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